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3 Tips to Make This Your Fittest and  Most Feel-Good Summer Ever!

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1. Try a New Workout!

No matter how good our current exercise regime is and despite our efforts to push harder and harder with training, to keep our bodies challenged and to continue to see results we need to  mix things up and try new ways to train. At Pirates we are very aware of this and offer tough but fun new classes every season. New to our class timetable this quarter is T.R.X. suspension training. Using suspension trainers attached to the studio ceiling, this session will work the whole body using body weight exercises to tone and shape the muscles. These sessions run twice weekly and can be booked via our Class Bookings page.

2.Keep Hydrated.

With summer comes rising temperatures and even though both the gym and studio at Pirates is fully air-conditioned, it is important to rehydrate. What we don’t realize is that we lose water constantly all day, every day. Every time you breathe, use the toilet and sweat. Then we add exercise. When you don’t replace as much as you’re losing, you become dehydrated. Water is the absolute very best option for staying hydrated. Other drinks are ok, and some even beneficial to your health but should be consumed in moderation. Drinks like fruit and vegetable juices, and herbal  and green teas can contribute to the amount of water you should get each day and may even offer significant nutritional value. Be wary of  caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea and soda.  These drinks tend to increase dehydration as they may use more water to be broken down and or may trigger more frequent trips to the loo!  

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