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Pirate Fitness

Witney's community led warehouse gym. Est. 2004

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About  Us

Welcome to Witney's oldest gym. Established in 2004 we are Witney's community led warehouse gym.

Proudly not for profit!


Bridge Street Mills

Bridge street mills, once used for spinning and weaving, now a health hub. Our building has so much to offer. Inside you will find Yoga studios, Pilates, Sports Therapy, Massage, Supplements, Martial Arts and our very own Pirate Fitness gym. Discover more here...



We house a wide range of equipment including Hammer Strength, C2 rowers, Ski Erg, Stair Master, Cross-trainers, Treadmills, Upright and Seated bikes. Along with a great range of plated machines, cabled weight machines and free weights. 

We have memberships to cover all ages. Teen memberships from 13+, 60+ membership and concession options for  Blue light, Military and Student.

Our  Members

Kent Baldwin.

I joined Pirates gym in 2014 and I'm glad I did as for me personally it's a gym that has the 'warts and all' , meaning it has everything you want and need in a gym. It's got a good free weights area, an eclectic mix of machines and other workout equipment, pretty much something for everyone. It's a good wholesome, decent friendly gym that caters for every person, no matter what you want to do and what you want to achieve it covers everything. I would also say it's a character gym in that it is in an older building so has an industrial look which also gives it a good feeling. All the staff are friendly and professional, and by all accounts are managed brilliantly. For me on a personal note it's been a life saver, helped me through my mental illness because of the easy-going friendly nature of people/staff who go there, as well as the fitness side giving me a lift talking with people / staff as well. If you want to join a decent, friendly, professional gym/team I would seriously come and have a look for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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“I love that everyone at Pirates is a community. When I'm working out I feel comfortable approaching someone to give me tips, be it staff or members. 

Everyone is so friendly!”

Imogen Battams

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